I’ve been rescued.
I’ve been redeemed.
Not for my sake but for the glory of His name.

These are the things that make my heart sing:
My Jesus
Art–creating and appreciating
Coffee with extra cream

Learning to be more like Him everyday.

Here you’ll find the things that inspire me. Usually it’s not extraordinary things, but just seeing beauty in the ordinary. I’m taking this blog of words and making it into something that is more holistic of who I am. I want this to be a place where I can share what I’m learning in every area of my life. So you will see some words as a result of me pouring my heart out. You will see art as I continually strive to have His creation seen through mine. You will see snapshots of this beautiful crazy life I’m living. No promises, but you might hear music or see outfits that I am particularly fond of. I just want this to be something fun and expressive. I want this to be a breath of fresh air for myself and anyone who might happen upon my ponderings. Ultimately, I want this to be a reflection, even if restrained by the lack of depth on the internet, of who my Papa is creating me to be.


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