Joseph & Emily

DSC_1000-1I had the complete honor of snapping some engagement pictures for Emily and Joseph about a month ago. We got to visit and explore the venue where they will be getting married August 17th! EEEeeee! I’m so excited for them! 🙂

Emily was one of my first friends in Denton and will forever be one of my best friends in all of the world. She challenges me and understands me to a point where we’re almost creepily the same person. I’m so thankful for you, Em, and that God brought us together as friends. And the fact that he brought you and Joseph together is undeniable. I can tell anytime I’m with you both that your love for each other is second only to Jesus and I can’t wait to see where this new journey leads y’all. You guys are the best. 🙂
DSC_1000-4 DSC_1000-20 DSC_1000-25 DSC_1000-27 DSC_1000-31 DSC_1000-36 DSC_1000-38 DSC_1000-41 DSC_1000-45 DSC_1000-47 DSC_1000-52 DSC_1000-49 DSC_1000-68 DSC_1000-69 DSC_1000-73 DSC_1000-83



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