Beth and Chris

The countdown is about to end. Tears have been shed. Laughs have been shared. Prayers have completely drenched my best friend, Beth and her fiance, Chris. Two broken people with stories of their brokenness completely engulfed in God’s grace are coming together to join as one.


 I’ve been so blessed to be in Beth’s life for 6+ years. I can’t even count the conversations we’ve had about “when I get married, I’ll…” and “I’m never getting married, because…” and everything in between. Just being able to watch Beth grow in her dependence on the Lord has been such an encouraging part of my life. She had come to a place in her life where she was okay with never getting married because she didn’t think there was anyone out there who she wouldn’t have to settle for. Then Chris came along.

winter-brooks weddingThe very first time she told me that they were talking, she knew that one day, she’d be walking down the aisle and he’d be standing at the end. There’ve been hard times and happy times even from then to now, but I don’t think anyone who knows either of them doubted for a second that they would stand in a chapel together and say “I do.”


Chris is everything Beth wanted and so much more and I think it’s pretty safe to say that Beth is everything Chris wanted and more too. It has seriously been the coolest thing to see how God has redeemed certain things in their lives through each other and I know that their journey has just begun. Words just can’t even properly convey how much these people mean to me or how blessed I am that I got to be a part of their day. Thanks, Beth and Chris for letting me stand by you and also capture the beauty of your beautiful wedding day.








winter-brooks wedding1



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