Take a Moment to Remember

DSC_0430I had the complete honor of taking some senior pictures for my cousin Beka this past weekend while I visited in San Angelo. Thanks, Bek, for being a beautiful model and a wonderful cousin. My battle wound was worth these wonderful shots I got of you. 😉

Call me cheesy and sentimental, but I wanted to just take some time to reflect and remember senior year while I share some of my favorite shots. It’s easy to pass through life stages and forget how it felt and what God has done since then. But being able to have a glimpse into Beka’s life as a senior reminded me that it’s sometimes nice to just remember.


Senior year is awesome and awful all at the same time. You still have to deal with the drama of high school and living at home, but you can finally see your independence on the horizon. It’s terrifying and sometimes a little stressful. SATs, ACTs, AP tests, college applications, scholarship applications, just figuring out your future in general. It’s a lot. As a junior and senior, I had begun to lay out those plans and was just waiting for the starter’s pistol to sound so I could get out of town as soon as I could. I had dreams and hopes for myself. I had people I wanted to be with and things I wanted to do and things I wanted no part in (such as sororities…haha). Funny how God takes your plans and flips them completely upside down. Funny how somehow the plans seem to make better sense that way after everything is said and done.


Somehow, God brought me exactly where He wanted me, against my plans and hopes and dreams. He knew where my gifts could be used. He knew where I could grow. He knew where He had placed people around me to challenge me and push me and stretch my faith. He knew that it would take a while and that I’d get tired and worn out and want to quit. He knew the days I would get homesick and the days I would feel like this was my home all along. He knew I’d love it some days and want to be anywhere but here others. And He’s walked beside me the whole time. Constant, unchanging, never shifting like shadows. Through my mess and my insecurities and my shattered dreams and my major changes, school changes, dropped classes, friend fall-outs, emotional breakdowns, sleepless nights, missed assignments and just plain laziness, He has been faithful.


It’s crazy that it’s been two years. It’s crazy that I’m not the same person I was when I was 18. I know how to budget for groceries, take my car to the car shop all by myself, call in the order for pizza (although I still strongly dislike calling places), change a flat (thanks to my roommate, Lauren), and just all around take care of myself. But it’s more than that. I’ve learned that even when I can do all these things, I can’t be my own god. I can’t control the way things play out. I can’t comfort myself or improve myself in and of myself. I make a terrible god and rules aren’t so hot at being god either. I’ve learned that God alone, my mighty King, is my Rock and my Redeemer. He is the only one who can save me from life and mainly from myself. My great and awesome Rescuer. I have learned to rely on Him more than anything or anyone else. I have learned that He gives good gifts. And I don’t just mean physically. I mean the gifts I thought I’d never have like teaching and leading and healing. My good Papa gives good gifts.



So take a moment and remember where God has taken you from and brought you to. Praise Him for being good in your life. He is constant and He is always good.

Praise him for his mighty deeds;
praise him according to his excellent greatness!
Psalm 150:2


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